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SSi Mindset

Because the EA serves as the means to evaluate, plan, and communicate the current and target state about the Agencies IT environment, the EA must use the most up-to-date framework, incorporate lessons-learned, foster communication, and usage.  The SSi Approach includes:

  • Supporting the development of EA frameworks;
  • Forming an EA Framework team made up of stakeholders from across the agency;
  • Mapping the project artifact types from;
  • Support the development and delivery of an outreach program to inform audiences across Agency about the changes to the EA framework.




Support and Mature EA Program Office Operations

SSi team focus on supporting the operations of executive boards including development or modification of policies, charters, and standard operating procedures; providing operational support and facilitation of board meetings; and providing expert research on issues important to the board.



Integrate EA  with IT Projects

People, processes, and technology form the core of our EA Alignment methodology.  We will work closely with the project through all phases of the development lifecycle to make sure that the project remains on track with respect to EA goals and objectives, as well as pre-defined performance parameters.



Conduct self-evaluations on the maturity, outcomes and measurements of the EA Program

SSi utilizes a Framework for Assessing and Improving EA Management by establishing internal baseline for measuring the effectiveness of EA performance; while conducting the assessment to identify areas for improvement.